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With an easy-to-use platform, Solidflow empowers organizations to streamline their sustainability data collection, analysis, and reporting.

CSRD stakeholders determination

CSRD reporting preparation

Our software simplifies CSRD preparation by seamlessly handling key tasks such as identifying stakeholders, assessing the value chain, and addressing double materiality.

Data collection CSRD

Data collection & reporting

Our software not only streamlines the data collection process for CSRD but also transforms this data into a fully compliant report, making the entire journey effortless and efficient.

Software for CSRD

From complexity to clarity

Solidflow simplifies CSRD reporting, turning complexity into clarity, all within one powerful software solution.

Save costs on accountancy

Empower your organization to reduce accounting expenses by taking control of your CSRD reporting in-house.

Incrementally process CSRD

We walk you through each CSRD step with ease, ensuring a seamless and precise reporting process.

Collect and manage data

Effortlessly collect and manage all the data needed for your CSRD reporting within one software.

Structured documentation

Facilitate structured documentation, ensuring organized data management in compliance with the CSRD guidelines.

Why choose us?

Explore our key benefits

From streamlined efficiency to enhanced accuracy and compliance, discover how our software solution empowers your journey towards effiency.

What's inside?

Unlock a suite of powerful features

Our software solution is designed to streamline every aspect of your Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) reporting process. 

Solidflow software overview

Stakeholder engagement

With our software, you can efficiently engage with stakeholders, track their feedback, and incorporate their input into your reporting, enhancing transparency and collaboration.

Non-financial information

Our software simplifies the process of gathering and organizing non-financial information, ensuring that you can effortlessly include all relevant ESG data in your reports.

Value chain analysis

Solidflow enables you to perform a thorough analysis of your value chain, identifying sustainability impacts at each stage, making it easier to report on your company’s supply chain sustainability efforts.

Double materiality

We help you navigate the complexity of double materiality by guiding you through the assessment of both your company’s impact on sustainability issues and their potential impact on your business.

How you can benefit

Stay Compliant, stay ahead

Stay compliant, stay ahead with Solidflow’s CSRD reporting software, ensuring you outpace the competition while meeting regulatory requirements effortlessly.

Always Compliant

Keeping our software up to date with the CSRD regulations ensures your continuous compliance and peace of mind.

Utilize precision

Achieve maximum precision in your CSRD reporting through our step-by-step guidance and accuracy-focused tools.

Maximize efficiency

Maximize efficiency in your CSRD reporting process with Solidflow’s streamlined workflows and time-saving features.

About solidflow
More about us

Our goal is to make CSRD reporting easier

Our goal is to empower organizations to easily collect, manage, and report their sustainability data, ensuring compliance with CSRD requirements while minimizing the burden of reporting.

Flowing through CSRD reporting challenges with ease

Discover a smoother path through the complexities of CSRD reporting with our streamlined solutions. Let us help you flow through CSRD reporting challenges with ease.

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