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Making CSRD reporting easy
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Our goal is to make CSRD reporting easier

At Solidflow, we are at the forefront of innovation, leading the way in simplifying CSRD and ESG. With our innovative software tool, we empower businesses to streamline and enhance the entire CSRD reporting.

Join Us in making your CSRD accounting flow

Join us on a journey to streamline your CSRD accounting process, where our software ensures a smooth and efficient workflow

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Jasper de Jong

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Erwin Wiersma


Our mission

We are dedicated to simplifying CSRD accounting, ensuring that it’s no longer a daunting task but a strategic advantage for your organization. Our commitment to efficiency and precision drives us to create software that enhance your CSRD reporting.

Flowing through CSRD reporting challenges with ease

Discover a smoother path through the complexities of CSRD reporting with our streamlined solutions. Let us help you flow through CSRD reporting challenges with ease.

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