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Double materiality tool

Discover the seamless integration of consultancy and software in one solution with our full-suite AI materiality tool.

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CSRD double materiality tool

Doing a double materiality assessment never felt so easy

With our software everyone in your organization can actively participate, ensuring a more thorough and impactful materiality assessment process.

How you can benefit

The power of our AI-solution

Empower your sustainability efforts with our extensively trained AI model, meticulously designed to generate everything you need for a thorough double materiality assessment.

Easy to use

Our software is designed with simplicity at its core, empowering your company to navigate the complexities of double materiality assessment effortlessly. Harness the power of AI to generate accurate, reliable results, all through an interface that makes interaction smooth and intuitive. 

All steps substantiated

Every output generated by our AI is fully substantiated, providing clear explanations for each decision made, including the inclusion and exclusion of specific topics and themes. This level of detail ensures that your company can trust the relevance and accuracy of the information.

Understandable for everyone

Our software enhances teamwork by offering customizable roles within the double materiality tool. This ensures that each colleague accesses only what they need based on their specific role. The software also supports integration with external controllers, allowing for expert feedback.

Save time and money

Our AI-driven double materiality tool automates every part of the assessments. This is significantly reducing the time your team spends on manual processes. By saving time and money your company can focus on being sustainable instead of reporting about it.  

Our capabilities

Everything you'll need in one materiality tool

Materiality assessments can be challenging, but we have everything you need. Our comprehensive software streamlines the entire process, ensuring you have the tools to succeed. Explore which tools we offer.

Checklist double materiality

Generate your company information

We understand the importance of streamlined data handling. Our smart AI model is designed to instantly generate all essential company information with just a single click. This is including the value creation, businessmodel and CSRD value chain. These models are the foundation for the assessment.

A fully substantiated longlist with one click

Our AI doesn’t just select sustainability themes relevant to your company; it provides full substantiation for each choice. Based on your company’s specific information, our system intelligently determines which themes to include and which to exclude, offering detailed explanations for each decision.

Stakeholder engagement with a survey builder

Stakeholder engagement is a crucial component of the double materiality assessment. To facilitate this, our double materiality tool includes an internal survey builder. These surveys enable you to assess the importance of different sustainability themes directly with your stakeholders.

Combine all data into a two-click-DMA

Finally, all collected data is seamlessly combined within our platform to deliver the perfect double materiality assessment. With just one click, you can generate comprehensive reports detailing both impact materiality and financial materiality, again fully substantiated. 

Our materiality tool is 93% faster than comparable tools

Our AI-driven tool delivers results swiftly, streamlining your sustainability strategy with unmatched speed and precision.

The benefits

A double materiality tool and CSRD-consultancy combined

Our intuitive interface and AI-driven approach make navigating sustainability assessments simple for everyone in your organization.

All the information you'll need

Our easy-to-use helpdesk module puts all the information and assistance you need right at your fingertips. This is empowering your team to navigate the software with confidence and ease.

A step-by-step approach

Our double materiality assessment tool is designed for simplicity and efficiency. Every step is clearly outlined and easily accessible, allowing you to complete each phase with just a few clicks

Add external experts

Add external experts to our double materiality tool to receive valuable feedback and enhance your assessments. This feature ensures quality and precision in your work.

End the paper chase, shift your focus to the sustainability race.

At Solidflow, we streamline the reporting process to free up your time for what truly matters. Which is implementing real, effective sustainability practices. By simplifying the complexity of documentation, we help you shift focus from extensive reporting to actively engaging in sustainable actions that make a difference.

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