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Solidflow software overview

Comprehensive compliance

Solidflow offers a comprehensive solution tailored specifically for CSRD reporting, covering every aspect from stakeholder engagement to value chain analysis, ensuring full compliance with evolving regulations.

Efficiency and precision

Solidflow’s intuitive interface and step-by-step approach maximize efficiency, guiding users through the reporting process with precision, minimizing errors, and saving valuable time and resources for your company.

Continuous adaptation

With regular updates to stay in sync with changing CSRD requirements, Solidflow ensures that users always have access to the latest tools and features, keeping them ahead of the curve and confidently compliant.

How we can help

Covered from start to finish

From the first step to the last, Solidflow accompanies you through the CSRD reporting journey, providing comprehensive support and solutions tailored to your needs, ensuring a seamless experience


Stakeholder analyses

Determine which stakeholders are relevant to the organization in terms of future reporting and ascertain the information needed from them for your future reporting.


Value creation

The second step is to thoroughly examine the inputs, business activities, and outputs of your company to gain a understanding of your operations and impact.


ESG themes

Developing themes based on stakeholders and value creation that are relevant to the organization involves identifying key areas of focus and alignment with stakeholders’


Impact, risks and changes

Determining the impact, risks, and opportunities associated with all ESG themes guides the creation of a focused shortlist which is needed for the double materiality analyses.


Double materiality

Conducting a double materiality assessment allows organizations to prioritize sustainability issues from two perspectives relevant to them and their stakeholders.


Data GAP analyses

Identifying data required by legislation, currently unavailable within the organization, involves pinpointing gaps in the existing data framework for comprehensive compliance.


Data collection

Collecting necessary data included in the ESRS facilitates compliance with regulatory reporting obligations, ensuring accurate and timely submission of required information.



Once necessary data is collected from the ESRS, the next step is to initiate reporting on ESG data to fulfill obligations outlined within the system and the guidelines of CSRD.


Preparing report

Utilizing the data collected, meticulously prepare the annual financial statements for audit, ensuring accuracy and compliance with regulatory standards.

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Our goal is to make CSRD reporting easier

Our objective is to empower organizations by providing them with streamlined processes to effortlessly collect, manage, and report their sustainability data.

Flowing through CSRD reporting challenges with ease

Discover a smoother path through the complexities of CSRD reporting with our streamlined solutions. Let us help you flow through CSRD reporting challenges with ease.

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