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Examples of stakeholders

Different stakeholders for company

Understanding stakeholders is crucial for any successful project or business venture, as they encompass individuals or groups with vested interests in the outcomes. This article explores various examples of stakeholders, illustrating their roles and impacts across different industries and scenarios.

Stakeholder engagement

Stakeholder dialog

Discover how to conduct stakeholder engagement for CSRD compliance, from defining sustainability themes to engaging with key stakeholders.



Discover why IRO for CSRD is important for your double materiality assessment and what this acronym stands for.

Longlist CSRD

Writing down longlist CSRD

Discover what a CSRD longlist is, and how you can create them for your double materiality assessment.

Primary stakeholders

Primary stakeholders

Discover what primary stakeholders are and why they are important for your CSRD-reporting.

Affected stakeholders

Affected stakeholders

Discover what affected stakeholders are and in which way they are relevant for your CSRD reporting.

Silent stakeholders

Silent stakeholder

Discover what silent stakeholder are and how they might be important for your CSRD reporting and double materiality assessment.

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